School Advisory Council

SAC Chairperson - Barbara Stiles

Every school in Florida must have a School Advisory Council. The council consists of teachers, parents, administrators and community members. The SAC must be representative of the school’s community, so the racial/ethnic makeup of the Sac must reflect the racial/ethnic makeup of the student population.

The purpose of the SAC is as follows:

  • Assist the principal in developing and evaluating the School Improvement Plan
  • Decide how funds for school improvement will be spent
  • Assist in prioritizing the needs of the school
  • Assist in developing strategies to improve the areas of need
  • Select and/or develop long- range objectives
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual school budget

What are the responsibilities of a SAC member?

  • Work with parents, staff, administration and other community representatives to assist in the development of the School Improvement Plan.
  • Participate in activities and training related to learning about the school improvement process
  • Participate in efforts to encourage support for the goals of the school

    SAC Bylaws - Click Here