Code of Conduct

Students are expected to behave respectfully and display good manners at all time.

Our discipline policy is to work with all children in a positive way. We believe that all children need to have positive experiences that encourage academic achievement as well as emotional and social development.

Our discipline plan provides the guidelines for maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment for all students. It is an expectation at Dover Shores that students will be respectful and will follow the rules.

Children who are not responsive to teachers when requested and those who consistently cause disruption in class or other areas of the school will be referred to the administration. All disciplinary action taken by the principal's designee is intended to help the child accept responsibility for being a student in the school. Parents will be informed by phone, written not or by formal disciplinary form. Teamwork between the parent and teacher is essential.

A copy of the Orange County Code of Student Conduct is given to each student. Please read and discuss it with your child. This Code of Student Conduct tells you about the rights of a student in the school and also tells you about the rules students must follow. It tells you what will happen if the rules are not followed.

Download or view a copy of the Student Code of Conduct.