Dismissal during school hours is discouraged. A written note is required on the morning of early dismissal stating the reason and time of early pick-up. Students are signed out through the office by an authorized adult. In order to ensure student safety, adults are required to present photo ID when picking up students. Teachers will not release students from the classroom. Students will be called to the office for early dismissal after these procedures have been followed. No early check-out will be permitted after 2:15 p.m.

Change of Transportation: It will be necessary to send a dated written note, if you change your child's mode of transportation. The school will not allow the student to alter his/her method of going home without this written notification. Last minute change in mode of transportation will not be approved. Phone calls changing transportation will not be accepted. Voice verification cannot be established over a phone.

Students Going to Private Day Cares: If your child is attending day care, a note must be provided stating which day care he/she will be attending. If you are planning to pick up your child from school or have them go home by some other means, a note must be sent to the school letting us know how your child is to go home. If a note is not received, your child will be sent to the day care and you may pick them up there. Please notify the day care if you plan to use another form of transportation.



(Bus Riders and Car Riders)

Please let your child know IN ADVANCE what to do at dismissal in case of rain. Notify the teacher in writing if you plan to pick up your child when it rains. Telephone calls at the last minute can cause delays and will not be honored.